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 Annual Fundraiser

Vipassana Buddhist Church/Center for Buddhist Development will be holding its yearly fundraiser

 Sweet Nirvana, Saturday, November 7, 2015, 7:00 PM at North Jefferson City Multipurpose

Bldg. (Cedar City Room), 810 Sandstone Drive, N. Jefferson City, Mo. There will be a silent auction,

door prizes, raffles and free culinary delights from our church members and local business donors.

Tickets are available in advance or at the door: $8.00 per ticket or two for $12.00.

   For advanced tickets or information call: (573)635-9544 or email:      

Vipassana Buddhist Church / Center for Buddhist Development
The VBC/CBD was founded by the Reverend H. B. Dhammaruchi (aka. Rev. William Edwards) in September of 2001 and was established as a non-profit religious organization on October 24, 2001, in the State of Missouri.

Our Mission
The mission of the VBC/CBD is to make the original teachings of the Buddha available throughout mid-Missouri. Vipassana Buddhist Church is unique in the central Missouri area in that we are the only Buddhist organization that provides church services and ceremonies in the Theravada tradition. Reverend Dhammaruchi was ordained in the Order of Buddhist Ministers in 1997 by his primary teacher Venerable Bhante Chao Chu, and Venerable Havanpola Ratnasara Nayaka Thero,  along with other monks of the of the Buddhist Sangha Council of Southern California.

Because his primary teacher was from the Theravada school, VBC-Jefferson City is centered in that school; however, all Buddhist teachings are accepted and often incorporated into our practice.

The Center for Buddhist Development has as its focus, providing opportunities for individuals to learn more about Buddhism through a lending library, involvement in our local community, hosting lectures, movies, cultural events and other educational opportunities. We strive to cultivate a community of compassion in the greater Jefferson City area and Mid-Missouri and to assist in the bringing diverse viewpoints to the Heartland of America.

We provide Sunday morning services (Uposatha), discussion classes on the Buddha’s teachings (dharma), meditation training, meditation retreats, and Buddhist observances such as Vesak (the Buddha’s Birthday celebration).