May all beings be peaceful, may all beings be happy, may all beings be free from harm 

Buddhaloka is a band which contains members of the Vipassana Church. Their music is in a large part Pali chanting set to music. Any purchase is a donation to the Vipassana Buddhist Church/Center for Buddhist Development. Their recording is being offered here:

The music on the cd and downloads can be previewed here:


  • Wedding Song (Mangalam)0:59
  • Mind and Body1:01
  • Vandana Tisaarana1:01
  • True Brahmin1:00
  • Panca Sila1:35
  • Buddha Vandana1:00
  • The Realm1:35
  • Buddha Merely Shows You the Way1:13
  • Namo Amitofo - Ga-te Ga-te1:08
  • This Is My Refuge1:00
  • Vandana Tisaarana Groove1:08